If you are a travellin’ DIVA and want to join our Tango Diva team of jetsetters on Facebook – get crackin!

We still have one week of competition left in the Ultimate Jetsetter: Bloggers Edition contest!

Here are our rankings : you need to be a Facebook user.

Participate in The Ultimate Jetsetter: Blogger’s Edition competition! This is an invite-only contest that will pit you and other top travel bloggers against each other to find out who has traveled the most miles in a year for the title of the Ultimate Jetsetter of 2008.

Jetsetter is a new, interactive application developed by VibeAgent on Facebook Platform that pits groups against each other in a competition that ranks all participants to see who has logged the most miles in the past year. Jetsetter also promotes social interaction by providing a unique, fun way to share and comment on each other’s trips.

So what does the winner get? VibeAgent will announce the top five jetsetter travel bloggers, including the Ultimate Jetsetter, at the contest’s climax on Wednesday, May 21st. The winner will get one of the most coveted prizes in the Blogosphere, bragging rights! In the world of travel, what better than being incredibly well-traveled and being able to prove it? We will also be promoting the contest and the results.

So – take me on – as I am in the lead – and you know you have flown more!