Behind the scenes, wearing my Tilley Endurables R4 hat
Behind the scenes, wearing my favorite Tilley Endurables R4 hat

Thanks to the wondrous world of Twitterverse, I recently became aware of an amazing job opportunity that was made for me:

World Famous New Zealand Expert on Everything New Zealand

Job role: Your role will be to travel the length of New Zealand, meeting with our suppliers, clients and the occasional possum and promoting Entirely Kiwi to the world through any means possible, and telling everyone exactly why New Zealand is the best country in the world – beyond the obvious fact that it is.

Please tell the crew at Entirely Kiwi you want to follow CHRISTINA through her adventures in New Zealand by leaving a comment on the youtube video or on Twitter or by emailing Vanessa at

Let’s show Entirely Kiwi that is takes a [Tango] Diva to make New Zealand the next hot spot!

*Filmed entirely with my FLIP Video – Digital Camcorder. All photos of New Zealand taken from the 100% Pure New Zealand pool