by Adrian Northrup

The days are few and far between when I don’t have my trusty Lug Puddle Jumper bag , my Lug, in tow. It’s my companion for my work commute, park excursions, vacations and more.

The bag is perfect as an office bag, complete with space for a laptop (even my massive load of one), coat, makeup case, lunch and the large pile of papers I carry around.

Besides everyday, the Puddle Jumper is great for travel. On an overnight vacay to Lake Tahoe, I was able to fit everything I needed — and I am a notorious heavy packer. On a flight to Seattle, I was able to pack my laptop, a few magazines and my latest read, along with my other travel essentials.

Inside and out, the Lug Puddle Jumper bag is outfitted with an abundance of pockets and storage compartments. There’s one for a cell phone, another for a water bottle, another for a pair of shoes, another with a mirror, need I continue? Almost all the outside pockets securely zip shut; if they don’t zip, they magnetically snap. The straps keep the bag close to your body for security, and are the perfect length to throw your iPod into your tote and run the headphones to your ears.

Beyond its practicality, the Lug is stylish. The bag is made of quilted nylon, seen in recent collections of MARC by Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture. While I tote a fog gray bag (which matches both brown and black), the puddle jumper comes in six other colors, ranging from grass green to chocolate brown.

The nylon also makes the bag waterproof. The base is covered with plastic for extra durability, and has four metal feet to help the bag sit upright.

Lug carries other bags as well. They come in varying shapes, sizes and fabrics, from a purse-sized mini puddle jumper to a beach bag-sized transparent Clearview Straps Tote. The company carries other items, including storage containers, luggage belts and a compact travel blanket and pillow set called the Nap Sac.

If you want your own Lug, visit the Lug Web site to purchase items online or find a store near you carrying Lug products.

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