by Melissa Josue

Even if you’re not taking a transatlantic journey to a tropical resort or flying to Alaska in the winter, staying comfortable and getting rest on any length flight is essential for a fresh-faced arrival. But sleeping upright against the constant hum of a commercial jet engine is often far from easy.

While cabin temperature in most passenger planes is kept at your average 68 – 71 F, airplane cabins can feel especially cool in the summer months when you’ve just stepped onboard from a caliente climate and you’re still in your flip-flops and sun dress!

What do you do when you didn’t even think of packing a sweater and that sun-kissed hottie across the aisle took the last in-flight pillow and blanket? Why, shimmy up next to him and ask if he’d be willing to share! Hmmm. But then you’d have to ensure that your neighbors are willing to trade seats. If that doesn’t work, you might be out of luck, a little chilly, and sleep-deprived by the time you set foot in your arrival terminal! And you just got back from vacation!

A destination Diva comes properly accessorized, and if you really want to cuddle in style, try the Cabin Cuddler™ to wrap your whole body in warmth while you sleep or read in-flight. The Cabin Cuddler is generously cut to drape your lap and shoulders with super-soft and lightweight micro-fleece, but I think one of its best features is the built-in foot pocket that keeps your toes toasty and snug whether you’re flying or sitting at home. And it comes in a variety of colors from periwinkle to cranberry with, of course, a matching tote designed to fit in all types of carry-on luggage! The Cabin Cuddler is definitely coming with me to Alaska this March. Finally I can get my in-flight beauty sleep and save the blanket-sharing for the bedroom!

$29.99 – $34.99 (Adult)

$19.99 – $22.99 (Child)