Pink Elf founder Kaushie Adiseshan was born in Bombay, India, and educated in Bombay and San Francisco. She have
studied fashion, fine art, photography, the piano, and Indian classical dance.

The Pink Elf runway show at San Francisco Fashion Week was dedicated to Divas and godesses: Greek, Roman, Indian, Egyptian, Tibetan, Norse and even modern godesses like Halle Berry. And what goddesses on the go need most of all is a versatile travel piece that can go pub to club in a matter of minutes.

Enter the ultra versatile Kimono Dress—a silky smart piece that can triple duty when you need to jet set. Wear it as a cover up on the beach or over tights with pumps or stillettos when you’re ready to hit the town. It doubles as a dress, and you can even wear it over jeans for a super chic city look. Tango Diva loves designers who feel our connecting flights pain. The Kimono Dress is so magical that an elf must have made it!

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Diva Designer Questions:

1. What made you want to get into the fashion world?

Every artist has her canvas; mine is the human body, and my medium is fabric of
different colors and textures. Sometimes when I come across a new fabric I start
visualizing designs and I’m so excited I can’t fall asleep at night.

2. What inspires your designs?

The crowded and colorful streets of my native Bombay, the sophistication of New
York, and the laid-back attitude of San Francisco… put it all together and you get
my signature style, what I call “Easy Glamour.”

3. What was SF Fashion Week like? How did your runway show go?

San Francisco Fashion Week is a great platform for young upcoming designers to get
noticed. The show went off wonderfully and I got a lot of great feedback.

4. What piece in your collection is perfect for travel?

The Kimono dress is striking and versatile at the same time: use it over tights; use
it over jeans; or use it as a cover-up for a lovely day on the beach.

The Scarf Coat is like a car coat, extremely lightweight and perfect for all
seasons. The detachable silk scarf on the inside makes it dressy when you need to

5. How do you work? Do you have music on, do you meditate first, do you
talk to yourself?

I always have music on; music is like meditation to me.

6. What is your ultimate dream or goal?

You know how your wardrobe has a ton of items but you always reach for those few
special outfits? I want to be the go-to outfit in everyone’s wardrobe!

I’m a huge fan of Madonna, I’d love to see her in one of my outfits.

7. Tell us your best and worst travel moments.

One of my best moments – when on the spur of the moment we decided to go to Seville
in Spain. The architecture, the people, the food – all fantastic.

Worst moment: When I was traveling to Frankfurt and they gave my vegetarian meal
to someone else. I couldn’t get anything to eat for 10 hours!

8. Where is your favorite place on earth?

My favorite place is Bombay. It has a certain character that inspires me and brings
out the best in me.

New Zealand is also one of my favorite places. I would go back again and again and

9. Describe a fabric and a color you love.

I love all colors but red has always been a weakness!

10. Tell us about your latest collection.

It’s about “Easy Glamour”—looking great without trying too hard. Looking
fabulous shouldn’t be hard work! My designs combine classic silhouettes and
twenties-glam styles with vibrant Asian colors and sophisticated European textures.
Feminine, romantic, and timeless… clothing that will be in style as long as women