by Sarah Naimark

Packing is an art. Being fully outfitted for the wrong kind of trip can be just about as fun as a wool turtleneck on the summer beach. It used to be that a travel toothbrush and your contact solution were all you thought you needed, but welcome to the world of traveling in style. Which clothes you bring on your specific type of trip are up to you, but leave the right travel accessories to Flight 001.


You’re about to take the plunge. You scheduled your river rafting/trekking/skydiving extravaganza and you couldn’t be more excited… or terrified. Neal’s Yard Remedies To Roll will have you mellow as Buddha in a blanket with a specially designed topical remedy for relaxing travel. About the size of a tube of mascara, this pocket pal contains soothing pure essential oils to roll over your pulse points at your most heart-pounding moments. Take a deep breath and let the remedy do its job. You’ll be sauntering off that bridge (bungee cord attached, of course) with the demeanor of a Victorian lady.


Camera? Check. Indian Curry toothpaste? Check. With Breath Palette Toothpaste Kit, you can experience each culture you visit with your eyes and your mouth. Offered in 32 flavors like Darjeeling Tea, Tropical Pineapple, Lavender and Pumpkin Pudding, these sugar-free and uber-portable tubes keep your daily hygiene hip. Brush, stop and smell your own culture-appropriate breath.


Visiting some stylish friends? Planning to run into an old flame? This is not the trip to rely on hotel shampoo and greasy airplane bathrooms to look your best. Fill your suitcase with your fiercest feminine weapons and fight the jetlagged look with Flight 001’s Jetfresh Kit. Complete with wintergreen mints to pop in on the runway, compact mirror and lipgloss, you’ll be refreshed and practically prancing out the gate.


A spa vacation is less about what you bring with you (flip flops, a good book, muscle knots) and more about what you bring back (glowing skin, inner peace, free bathrobe). As pampering withdrawal can begin on the plane ride home, come prepared with Dr. Hauschka’s Daily Face Care Kit. Travel sizes of some of the Doctor’s most popular products are tucked neatly into a purse-ready tin. The Cleansing Cream will help keep your new softer skin at its smoothest, and the Moisturizing Day Cream lets you maintain your hard-won dewy radiance by battling dehydrating airplane air. Even if you can’t pick a quince out of a fruit line-up, you’ll be seeking out Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Day Cream after one stimulating whiff.

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