by Michelle McDermott

It truly was the night before Christmas. In the luxurious surroundings of my upscale, Scottish hotel room, I could hear the muffled sounds of the snow falling gently against the window. As the clock ticked, I drifted off to LaLa Land wrapped in the baby-soft, billowing 500 thread count Frette sheets.

Sound delightful? Well, let me tell you that under those sheets, I was wearing baggy plaid flannel pajama bottoms, a washed-out long sleeved top and the ubiquitous bobbly socks—not quite so glamorous!

Jeena Hunget had a similar experience when out shopping for new bed linen. She thought, “Why sleep on 500 thread count sheets when I don’t have 500 thread count pajamas?”

That moment, her business was
born. It took a few years of research and preparation, but she is now the owner of Body Linens by Thread
Count—a business selling the only line of pajamas
available in 300, 500 or 800 thread count 100%
Egyptian cotton.

If Marilyn Monroe was adept at appearing sweet,
innocent and a whole lotta sexy, then The Nightdress
by Body Linens by Thread Count could quite possibly
have been designed with her in mind. Or picture Picture Scarlett Johansson with her painted,
voluptuous red lips wearing The Nightdress against
the backdrop of her lush Californian garden.

Crafted from 500 thread count Egyptian cotton, The
Nightdress has been constructed using methods not
often seen in these days of mass production: Mother
of Pearl buttons, French seams inside and out, and a
weightiness in the garment characteristic of couture
produced in dusty French ateliers.

The Nightdress, with its sweet empire lines, lends an
air of nostalgia to the collection. Three rows of
gorgeous pink ruffles, side slits for ease of movement
and adjustable straps with elastic in the back make for a
superb fitting.

Other items in the women’s collection include The
Classic pajama, Melon Stripe pajama and the adorable
Cami/Capri for those long, hot, summer nights.

the man in your life there is The Classic Pajama with
blue piping, once again available in a choice of
three thread counts.

Sleep is a precious commodity. Sleeping on 500 thread
count sheets, with your skin enveloped in the softest
500 thread count Egyptian cotton, is a gift to your

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