Tango Diva loves Diva VodkaSince the indiscriminant use of the word “Diva” began early last year, I began to use it with gentle trepidation. I came up with the name Tango Diva very thoughtfully. I learned how to fly, and I fell in love with the aviation alphabet. You know, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Echo, Foxtrot, etc.  Tango is the phonetic word for the letter T. T as in Travel. As for Diva, she is the Italian Goddess of Wisdom. So, there you have it (female) Travel Wisdom!

But, for many people, it takes a second to get. I have wrestled with changing the company name to something with the word “Chick” or “Girl” and “Travel” or “Jet”, but I always go back to my beloved “Diva.” My goddess of sweet wisdom.

Then this fabulous distillery in London came out with a vodka called – you guessed it – Diva Vodka. It is distilled through gemstones!!! I can’t wait to taste it!

Since there is a vodka called Diva, a hotel called Diva, and a chocolate called GoDiva, I will proudly speak the Diva dialect.

So, to all you incredible Divas out there – rock on, preferable over ice.