Here’s a great gift for the diva who wants to leave a lighter holiday footprint: GREEN CHRISTMAS: How to Have a Joyous, Eco-Friendly Holiday Season by Jennifer Basye Sander, Peter Sander and Anne Basye. This book is full of facts and is the perfect tiny size (about 5 X 5) to fit into a purse or backpack while traveling. Every year, so much is wasted during the holidays. We end up throwing away so much lightly used paper from holiday cards, wrapping paper and catalogs. Children receive tons of plastic toys they lose interest in a month down the road. This book aims to teach readers how to have an eco-responsible holiday season by encouraging them to:

  • Find alternatives to holiday cards
  • Avoid the holiday catalog crunch
  • Find or make gifts that are green or teach green
  • Create eco-responsible lighting displays
  • And more

And if you ask me, the $7.95 (plus shipping) price tag makes this green guide friendly on the wallet too!