Versa sleep maskI stopped at the colorful table of Fluff Pillows at the Appel & Frank event last nite to check out the Versa sleep masks! Designed by Katie Levine, these masks are 100% linen in a full silohuette shape to better black out the light. Adjustable straps and a matching linen case. Lightweight – great for the plane, train and an afternoon siesta! With every wash they get softer and softer. Comes in 4 bright color combos and in coordinated kimono style linen robes! Sky purple caught my eye. Only $22 for these handcrafted dreams.

See Fluff Pillows for more info on these luxury linen eye shades for sensational sleep! Check out the Appel and Frank website for future fab events. More to come as I dig up the deets on all the designer goods I discovered.