“Oh you, who are the future of our beloved country, come out to the streets and fight for your freedom.

What is the risk of coming out? Be willing to sacrifice your life for your country.

Don’t be intimidated if fire is pouring out of the sky.

Don’t hesitate, if out there swords are being poured out from the sky, put your hearts forward as guards.

I’m embarrassed and surprised by your patience.

For how much longer are you going to tolerate this?

Don’t leave your country to destiny. Don’t be careless with your country.

Be responsible.
Be the one who takes the action.

First raise your fist. Then raise your fist higher up…”

These are the words to a video that my friends produced in Iran for the election. They wrote this song before the election and it became the anthem for FREEDOM.

Here is the FIRST video. The second video is of the riots on the street after the election. I will try to get a copy to show you next week.

What: Shams Ensemble presents “Voices of Freedom”

When: Sunday, September 27th, 2009 @ 7 pm

Where: Davies Symphony Hall
201 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA

Price: Visit www.CityBoxOffice.com or call 415.392.4400

I am hosting a Tango Diva event that night. Buy your tickets, let me know and you’ll be invited to the VIP reception to meet the band and other VIPs.