… se hace camino al andar. – Machado

As I have mentioned in my blog before, I have taken my show on the road! I have moved back to Madrid, Spain and will continue to write for Tango Diva from Spanish soil.

Returning to live in Spain is what I have always wanted. It is not a question of anti-patriotism; it’s a matter of lifestyle and taste.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time back home in San Francisco— working for Tango Diva reading, editing and moderating all your exciting tales of solo travel and accomplished goals.

Now it’s my time.

The very first adventure I am going to accomplish when I arrive in Spain is hike the 500 mile El Camino de Santiago – about 5 weeks. As my friends and family can tell you, it’s been a dream of mine to do so for many years.

Now, I finally get to achieve my dream-on a travel writing assignment no less. However, I’m not content to merely hike it, then write a one-dimensional narrative of my experience. How do you sum up the epic-ness of a 500 mile, 1000+ year old pilgrimage and being all alone on the open road in just ONE article?

I plan to revolutionize the way people experience the trail both in person and online. This may be a centuries old tradition, but I see no reason not to bring it into the 21st century-plugged in. Thanks to the modern marvels of twitter, YouTube, FLIP digital camcorder and the Sony VAIO P, I will be live-blogging, tweeting and posting videos daily from the trail—all the while connecting with locals and sharing other pilgrims’ experiences. It will be as if you are right there on the trail with me! I hope to inspire countless individuals to someday take to this path on their own or to accomplish their own life-long goal.

I also hope to raise funds and awareness for VIDA USA through my actions. In addition to shipping medical supplies to desperate hospitals throughout Latin America, VIDA USA is doing amazing work helping teen mothers infected with HIV in Lima, Peru by preventing the spread of HIV to their newborn.

HIV and AIDS assistance/research is something that I feel very passionate about. I will be counting on my network of friends and readers to spread the word of what I am achieving so even more people can discover my hike, and therefore VIDA USA, to possibly contribute to the cause.

The goal is to arrive in Santiago de Compostela on October 5th, my birthday. I can think of no greater gift to myself than to accomplish such a feat, all the while raising awareness and funds for VIDA USA.

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I want this to be as interactive as possible… send me your questions or thoughts! Let’s have some fun!