Your precious pet cargo is always safe and secure in a Sturdi Pet Carrier.

For over 18 years, Sturdi Products has provided quality portable pet carriers and shelters for consumers and show industry professionals.

The product’s unique patented design features sturdy zipper security clips, high quality durable fabric, reinforced stitching, adjustable shoulder straps, seatbelt safety loops and the ability to “flex down” without collapsing for ease of transport and airline compliance.

The product line has expanded to include Portable Pop-Up Shelters, Hammocks, and complementing accessories in a vast array of  patterns. There is even a SturdiPet Tent, a lightweight quick shelter solution available in 14 colors including “hot pink”. A perfect match for the outdoor enthusiast or multi- pet family!

Hanging Out has reached new heights. Your kitty will be safely swing’n in the popular SturdiCat Pyramid home. The unit comes complete with an adjustable hanging strap to allow for ceiling to flow lengths of up to 8 feet.

For weekend warriors, who love to travel the open road with their furry companions, the SturdiShelter Car-Go Models are a top pick. These unique models offer a “zone of safety” for your pets when traveling in the car. Safety in a snap. Simply lock in the unit by threading vehicle seat belt to Car-Go’s attached metal safety loops. Models also come with built in storage pocket and clear vinyl water bottle pouch.

Just in time for the 2011 busy summer travel season, comes the Incognito Carrier – a stylish ultralight carrier that ” looks like a large purse”. The design is sleek and functional – the perfect carrier for a small dog or cat. The Incognito features a double zippered side door and top entry for easy access to your pet. Mesh windows offer excellent ventilation, but can be easily covered with attached flaps for full privacy. And, the padded carrying straps, safety tether and luggage handle loop will make transport a breeze! Divas will delight in the colorful collection of whismical prints – Cheetah, Zebra, and even Butterflies. Retail: $65-75

Whether traveling near or far…an outing to the grocery store, bank or a trip cross-country, you can trust in Sturdi products for top quality and durable travel gear created with your pet’s safety in mind.

And…know your pets will love you just little more…for caring enough to keep them stylish, safe and happy!

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