Yoga, River Rafting, and Prana in the Pristine Wilderness: deepening our health and well-being as we adventure into nature’s playground…

March 13 – 21st, 2005

The Retreat:

~ 8 days of immersion into deep yogic practices, delicious food, magnificent nature, and incredible adventure!! This retreat will be an opportunity to both stretch your chakras and play in the pristine wilderness of Argentina and Chile. This is adventure at its best with a wonderful emphasis on your health and wellness!

The Yoga:

~ The practices will be designed to open your awareness, energies, and physical bodies to the abundance of prana (life-force) in nature and in you. We will heighten our ability to be relaxed, mindful, and centered with daily meditations and pranayama (breathing practices). Strengthening and stamina building, flow-style yoga as well as gentle and passive practices will be offered. Although attention to alignment is always given, the emphasis of our practices will be on reconnecting to our essence ~ that lovely and highest aspect of ourselves that is in harmony with all of life and nature.

The Adventures:

~ We will bring our yogic sense and our connection to essence into our daily adventures: galloping on horseback, racing down class IV and V rivers, or simply and silently walking through the countryside together. There will be a balance of high excitement and deep inward attention that will leave us feeling healthy, connected, nourished and amazingly alive inside.

The Journey:

~ We meet up in Buenos Aires for a night of Tango in the city that does not sleep. We travel on the next morning to our beautiful secluded ranch, La Rinconada. There we will practice yoga in the custom-built yoga studio with windows looking out onto distant mountains. We will eat from the organic garden and, for those who desire, go for a horseback ride on the steeds of the ranch. Our yoga practice here will be deep and nourishing and occupy much of our first two days. On the third day of our journey we will travel four hours to our private, secluded campsite on the Rio Futaleufu in Chile. Here, we will do our yogic practices on an outdoor platform alongside the river under a temple of snowcapped mountain peaks. Prana (life force) abounds in this wilderness, and we will soak it in with at least a two hour daily practice in addition to our morning and evening meditations. We will be doing the most luxurious camping of our lives with gourmet, healthful food, a sauna and hot tubs, beds to sleep on and massages if we choose And during the 5 days of our stay here we will engage in some wild and wonderful class IV and V river rafting!!

The Cost: $2900

March 13, 2005 Arrive in Buenos Aires, Hotel Castelar & Spa

March 14, 15, La Rinconada Ranch, Cholila, Argentina

March 16-21 Rio Futaleufu, Patagonia, Chile

March 21, Fly from Bariloche to Buenos Aires to connect with flight home.

For air tickets, call Americas Travel (415) 703-9955 in San Francisco, CA.


“Dina listens to her body more accurately and sensitively than almost anyone I know. This connection, combined with her great communication skills, makes her a phenomenal talent in the world of yoga.”

“I give Dina my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a yoga teacher.”
– Rodney Yee (internationally renowned yoga master)

Dina Amsterdam has been teaching since 1994. She is honored to be the instructor to the staff of Yoga Journal Magazine (the premier yoga publication in the United States). Past clients include Nike, Bank of America, Planned Parenthood, AAA, and The Corporation for National Service (Americorps). Dina currently teaches in San Francisco’s top rated yoga studio ~ The Yoga Tree. There, she offers workshops, leads teacher trainings, and mentors newer teachers. Dina also guides local and international retreats to some of our planet’s most beautiful and energetically pristine locations. You can find her in several issues of Yoga Journal and in Sarah Powers’ most recent DVD. Dina is certified by Rodney Yee in the Iyengar tradition (1997) as well as Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (1994). Her teaching is greatly influenced by the practices and wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Buddhism, and her teachers Sarah and Ty Powers. Currently Dina is writing her masters thesis for a degree in physiological psychology at the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention.

Dina’s class poetically interweaves stillness and flow to awaken peaceful presence, intelligence, and vitality in the body. Her guidance, both compassionate and challenging, cultivates the power of mindful embodiment and the transformational potential that yoga offers our lives.