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May 28th, 2007
Penang Please!

rasa-bike.jpgWe are now on the delightful island of Penang. This island, contrary to what I say in the following video, was claimed by the British in 1786. Because of that, most locals speak English. The whole English-speaking thing is wonderful for travelers who want to experience something exotic, but don’t want to struggle with a language barrier. The island is part of Malaysia, but the predominant cultures here are Chinese and India.

The link to the video of India Area.

Check out the official website.

One thought on “Penang Please!

  1. Dear Teresa,

    I just read your mail today, the delay was due to my mom, she was admitted to hospital yesterday for minor operation. But she is ok right now. Too sad I can’t make it to meet you at rasa sayang. Really hope to meet you somewhere…Anyway, hope you enjoy the trip at the island of pearl. Please try laksa, rojak and cendoi, those are my favourite. I do think that they are much more tasty than the “durian fruit”… :)

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