It’s 5:32 pm on Saturday, and my EasyJet flight to Berlin is delayed. So, it gives me a bit of time to tell you about my day. Today I met Jill Christina, a Tango Diva member and a great Copenhagen informant. I went to lunch with her and her boyfriend Phillip. I got to experience a traditional Danish lunch of cold herring and onions. Yippy! Basically, it is not the meal you order on a first date. I have decided that I am not a fan of herring and onions. I am Mexican, and we like our food hot and spicy, not cold and fishy. But it was a great experience! Just like sky diving, I’ll just do it once.



With only a few hours left in Copenhagen, I caught a cab to Christiania – basically, it’s Burning Man 1.0. It is 85 acres of old military land that was taken over by a group of hippies in the 70’s. They don’t pay any rent and there are about 1000 people who live on this odd strip of land. I did not want to take pictures of anyone there, just in case they were some famous European rock stars – I hear it is a preferred hangout for many of my favorite bands.  

Christiania is not like the rest of Copenhagen, and when you come to town you really need to check it out. It reminded me more of an island off Thailand, with guys smoking weed and Asians serving big bowls of rice noodles. It was quite surreal after walking the royal cobblestone street of Copenhagen. They have declared themselves not part of Denmark, let alone the European Union. Seems like the rest of te world agreed with them, and just lets those crazy Christianias live a rent-free, yet smoke-filled life.