Name: Taylor Canel

Age: 23

Occupation: Professional Futbol Player

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

1. Where do you like to flirt?

Anywhere possible. Bars are always fun, so are malls and city courtyards. Just anywhere with lots of people. Flirting without words is the best kind, so places where you can flirt from a distance. Oh yeah, add dog parks to the list.

2. Where’s your favorite table for two?

Gaucho Grill is great for Argentine food. Johnny Rockets or Rubys are good for a more casual setting. A simple coffee shop/café is always nice too.

3. Where should we stay when we visit (besides your place)?

The W Hotel, Sunset Blvd, Manhattan Beach.

4. What qualities do you find irresistible in a woman?

A sense of humor, confidence, genuine kindness, intelligence, and a happy soul.

5. Where can we find you on a free Sunday afternoon? Just roll over?

Haha the “just roll over” part is funny. You’d find me relaxing at home, taking in a sporting event. If it’s nice out I’m at the beach.

6. What do you love most about your city (besides our arrival)?

There’s always something to do, the weather is perfect, and there are several good neighborhoods/communities.

7. What should we bring when we visit your town? What should we leave with?

Bring clothes for warm weather and sunblock. Bring money because it’s on the expensive side. And bring patience for the well-known L.A. traffic.

8. What do we absolutely have to see while we’re there?

Downtown L.A. is neat, Universal Studios is fun and so are the beaches (Malibu, Santa Monica, Manhattan, and/or Hermosa)

Other places like the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood are fun but hectic. Westwood is cool too.

If you’re not from Southern California, make sure you visit a beach and In-N-Out Burger before you leave.

9. Any areas of town we should avoid?

Avoid Inglewood and Compton, especially at night. The cleaner and nicer things look, the safer they are — stay in the clean places!

10. Any local secrets you want to share?

Some locals are too superficial and materialistic. They care a lot about physical appearance, cars, money, et cetera. Ignore them.