I just returned from a really good dining experience at the brand new Fish & Farm Restaurant, located downtown in the Mark Twain Hotel.

It offers a VERY P.C. menu:
The food is almost all sourced from within 100 miles.
All the produce is organic, as well as many of their wines.
The seafood and meat are all sustainably farmed or harvested, in a most humane manner.
Even their original cocktails utilize organic herbs like rosemary, mint, and tarragon, straight from their rooftop garden.
And they are seriously into recycling–from their marble countertops and antique martini glasses, to donating their cooking oil to a bio-diesel plant.

Although they are very serious about doing good things…they are equally serious about offering good food at reasonable prices (only two entrees are over $20) in a very fun atmosphere! The look of the place is casual Americana chocolate brown meets snappy nautical blues…or your typical shabby/chic fish shack.

The often-changing menu tempted me with an interesting Fried Oyster and Pumpkin Salad, and the Slow Braised Lamb Shoulder looked divine at the next table. But I was very happy with my choice of Grilled Monterey Bay Sardines on their bed of roasted fennel and my perfectly undercooked sauteed sablefish (just melts in your mouth) sleeping on it’s bed of mustardy braised cabbage and chanterelles.

Next time I might just belly up to the side bar (which also has a cozy little lounge) to try the Local Fish & Chips.

P.S. The exec. chef, Michael Morrison, has a stellar background with stints at Ame, Bizou and Michael Minna’s but what I really think is cool is that his wife’s name is Girlie!

Fish & Farm, 339 Taylor St. (at Ellis), San Francisco; (415) 474-3474 or www.fishandfarmsf.com.
Dinner Tues.-Sun. Starters, $8-$18; entrees, $16-$22; sides, $4-$6; desserts, $6-$7. Full bar.
Reservations and credit cards accepted.