2 hard drives, 3 logic boards, endless telephone calls, 11 chapters, 3 Mac geniuses, and 1 corporate executive liaison and I have a brand spanking new PowerBook G4. Thank you God! Now I can get back to what I do – write! I have uploaded my Microsoft Office, my word files, and some of my applications. But I still have a ton of stuff I’ve got to get on my new computer. I named my new computer “Sparky” for all the sparks that have been flying for the past few two months.

FLY SOLO is due in 31 days and I have 11 chapters to finish. Most of the research is completed (thanks to the spectacular Sarah Naimark) and it’s a process of incorporating my experiences, my knowledge, my verve and wit into each destination.

It has been a monumental task to write this book. I have never done anything so difficult in my life. On March 1, 2006, Perigee Books (http://us.penguingroup.com/static/html/aboutus/adult/perigee.html  ) will receive 50 chapters, over 500 pages of my passion and knowledge about travel and destinations spilled out on page after page. My editor will read over it in a month, and then I make her requested changes.

Writing a book is like producing a movie, you can’t do it by yourself. You have to lose the ego because your dream become part of a bigger, more important mission (to get women out and traveling alone!). Although I am the director, screenwriter, and producer, I have an amazing team of women backing me up. This book would not be real without their help. My biggest supporters in this book have been Sarah Naimaik, Stephanie Block, Patti Mangan, Cheri Molnar and Suzanne Dunning. I am forever grateful for their help.

And after I’m finish with writing all the chapters, the next step is to get them all fact-check. That is a tedious process where someone goes through each chapter with a critical eye and Internet connection and ensures e-mails, phone numbers, addresses and websites are correct.

So that’s where I’m at: 11 chapters and 31 days to go. It’s Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. and I want a glass of wine. Viva Tango Diva, and may 2006 be the best year ever!!