More than 3 years ago, I met Jacqueline Boone at a PINK conference in San Francisco. I asked everyone at that conference, “What would you do if you had 6 months to live?” I could tell this question resonated with Jacqueline, but I didn’t realize how much until I received a message from her a few weeks later letting me know that my question had inspired her to start a blog: 6 Months to Live.

She called it an experiment in living. What could happen in 6 months if we all truly LIVED?

Jacqueline’s original experiment expanded into a Kickstarter-backed web show and has inspired people from all over the world to live more fully, to follow one’s passions, and to live without regret. But Jacqueline’s true work has only begun…

Her deepest passion is to travel and to connect with people on a global scale. Her BIGGEST DREAM yet is to travel the world for the next 6 months and to have enough money at the end of the trip to create her start-up, which will transform the way people connect and achieve their dreams!

Please help her BIGGEST DREAM become a reality by voting for her travel contest entry and sharing in your networks! The top 5 entries that receive the most votes and social shares automatically makes the finals in London next month, so share, tweet, pin, +1, and stumble (all votes from different accounts count) to support an amazing, inspirational woman achieve her dream!

VOTE FOR HER NOW! oh, and let me know what your dream is – and let TangoDiva help you achieve it. After all, we don’t tango alone.