You know when people tell you about all of the toxins (what an ugly little world) you have built up in your body? Rather than a quick hard-to-fit-into-your-schedule massage (though those are wonderful), get those toxins out in at a week-long luxury boot camp and unplug.

It may seem a bit intimidating, but The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu is designed to help you physically and mentally detoxify. And that sounds just lovely.

The Ranch at Live Oak is a working ranch nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains.

“In one intensive week at our luxury bootcamp, you will gain physical endurance, shed unwanted pounds, tone up and detoxify in a healthy and sustainable way all while ‘getting off the grid’ and back to nature,” reads their website.

Results are achieved through nine to ten hours of low-impact exercise a day. Activities include hiking, yoga, core and ab workouts, weights, afternoon massages (score!), a daily nap (double score!) and more.

Every guest gets their own beautifully designed room which promotes a calm atmosphere. The food incorporates grown-on-site organic ingredients.

Every guest gets the personal attention of trainers and nutritionists. Prior to your stay, you fill out a survey detailing your health. All fitness levels are welcome and you can either choose a program to maintain your weight or shed a few pounds.

Talk about an exercise high.