Portland, Oregon once again proves it can out-hipster anything.

No, it’s not a pickled tree with a bird on it. Renovo has been an unwavering champion of the wood-framed bicycle. The Aerowood is a smooth ride, easily whooshing past the metal trendies out there.

A whack of the hammer on steel or carbon fiber creates obvious dents. Not so with hybrid wood and carbon. Yes, this bike is pricey, not just for the exquisite styling, but the quality technical specs and performance. Some people only need a fixie to tool around Burning Man.

Your Renovo will impress on the streets as well as the professional circuit. I mean, just look at it.

Check out those fine details, the wood grain, the joinery, sigh.

more info: http://www.puretimber.com/renovo-bikes/