Aren’t birthdays just the greatest? My motto is, celebrate long, celebrate often, and don’t forget those unbirthdays!!!

Birthday Part I: Wednesday evening champagne flight at the Ritz. The girls and a guy or two came out to toast my birth. There was a dashing woman on a nearby couch who had to ask if we were in the fashion industry, so dapper were we! :) When she introduced herself as Joan Coors, I thought she meant the beer. But she was really the mama-san of Michael Kors making an appearance on her son’s behalf at the Neimans downtown. A couple friends and I were planning our Amalfi coast girls’ trip and she recommended staying 2 nights in Capri. You just never know where travel tips will come from!

Birthday Part II: I am off tomorrow seeking the ultimate Diva birthday in Napa. I will overnight at Auberge du Soleil resort and dine at French Laundry tomorrow night with my mom and sister. I am SOOO excited! I’ve never been. We’ll wine taste and spa the next day and just generally pamper ourselves silly.

Stay tuned as the birthday continues!! 

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