Who has the best New Years Eve party? Some of my "finest" moments have been in Amsterdam, Lake Tahoe, and the party I had to throw myself since San Francisco is not a great New Years town (this year’s Suite 15 party is the exception).

Amsterdam: What a crazy place!! It’s not as cold as you’d think, and this party town does everything right. The perfect mix of culture and unabashed partying is found here. We Americans, accustomed to the ban on fireworks in some regions, might not be prepared for the all-out firecracker warfare that goes on in the city center! People were shooting Roman Candles out their third-story windows onto the narrow alleyways below! Sheesh!

I grabbed some psychedelic mushrooms (hey, they’re legal there) and wandered through the streets all night long giggling, ducking into coffee shops for marijuana hot chocolate when I needed to warm up. I don’t think the spiked cocoa did much.

There is this grand tradition of out-with-the-old in Amsterdam, and soon street corners were brimming with fires as people burned old chairs, guitars and even couches. These ritualistic urban bonfires brought people together to consider the year passed and warm themselves in the blazes. On one street corner near a canal, a string quartet set up and soon I was dancing in the arms of my ex in the toasty glance of couches on fire with my tripping eyes darting this way and that. Not a bad way to bring in the new year…

Tahoe: Lake Tahoe is wild for new years! Tons of people crowd the streets and count down. Everyone’s in a great mood, the casinos are open forever and most people are young and hot. Fun!

For the yuppie Divas (30’s and over professionals), I HIGHLY recommend Squaw Valley. If you are under 25 and want to rage, head to South Lake Tahoe (Heavenly area).

San Francisco: All I’m at liberty to say is that we had a bathtub full of ice and champagne bottles in our penthouse and could see all the fireworks from the deck. I certainly won’t talk about the hot surfer I smooched who got offended when I asked him about sharks (he surfs in Northern CA where we have Great Whites). He turned to me and muttered, "We don’t talk about HIM." Whatever, like I had invited him over to talk!! :)

Other NYE Thoughts…Pub Club has a best of new years list, City Search has a rather unimaginative list (the NYC ball drop? As if!!), and NewYears.com has a good list of parties in major cities like Vancouver, Vegas and NYC (will Xtina Aguillera REALLY be at the Hudson Hotel???). And Urban Daddy picks its most urbane hot spots. Happy Hunting, Divas!!

May the New Year bring tidings of great joy to us all!

Global Orgasm Day

And speaking of great, great joy, December 22nd is Global Orgasm Day! Amp up your pagan Winter Solstice celebrations with an, um, celebration of your own!

Why? Let me paraphrase the website: to positively change the Earth’s energy field with a massive orgasm aimed at peace, love and joy that will hopefully counteract the current atmosphere of fear, weapons of mass destruction, genocide and war. Yes, there is even science behind this, from Princeton no less.

Check out the website for more groovy information (their contact page advises you to contact the webmaster if you like the site, and if you don’t like the site to contact your therapist), Global Orgasm.org. Oh, what the heck, I’m in! I’ve had lots of orgasms, but few have ever made history…