My friend was at JFK this morning watching her toiletries get uncerimoniously dumped in the trash, the posh potions suddenly liberated from their Saks packaging. A woman behind her exclaimed, "There better be a Kiehl’s in Waco cause I just lost $200 worth of shampoo!"

I think we can all relate to the sad loss of our liquid gold nectars of youth and beauty. Mothers forced to taste their own breastmilk as proof to security personnel? We’re lucky we were all allowed to keep traveling in shoes after the infamous boot-bomb plot.

So here’s the latest travel advice. And here’s hoping that those die-hard travelers among us will stick to our figurative guns and maintain our love for journeying. They can’t take that away from us. Can they? 

As of right now, the U.S. State Department has these warnings:

"NO LIQUIDS OR GELS OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED IN CARRY-ON BAGGAGE. ITEMS MUST BE IN CHECKED BAGGAGE. This includes all beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, tooth paste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency.

"Exception: Baby formula, breast milk, or juice if a baby or small child is traveling; prescription medicine with a name that matches the passenger’s ticket; and insulin and essential other non-prescription medicines

  • Beverages purchased in the sterile area must be consumed before boarding because they will not be permitted onboard the aircraft.
  • Passengers traveling from the U.K. to the U.S. will be subject to a more extensive screening process."

****See and this link for more information. Also check out the latest UK travel rules and regulations as a result of this morning’s very bizarre news. Expect SEVERE TRAVEL DELAYS!!!

I don’t even know what to say anymore. Fearlessly continue to travel in a world of rainbow alerts, and for the love of Elizabeth Arden pack those eye creams!!

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