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Sundance! It wasn’t sunny and I didn’t dance much, but I was six degrees of separation from stars in the ten degree weather! Here I am with Gwyneth Borden and Diva Ruby Dee at the premier of her film, No. 2, wherein she’s the matriarch of a Fijian family living in New Zealand. And not that I kiss and tell, but we did get leid in the lobby of the Egyptian theater where No. 2 was playing!

But here’s the question- with so many stars flooding the snowy red carpet, one wonders whether this so-called independent film festival is really all that indie. With major film behemoths spinning off ‘indie’ branches and bullying their way into Sundance with A-List stars (Ashley Judd was there, Jennifer Aniston for gosh sakes, and even Justin Timberlake stars in a movie!), it begs the question, what’s indie got to do, got to do with it??

One thought on “Is There Anything Indie About Sundance Film Fest?

  1. Hi! I am not in the film industry, but for all my friends that trekked their way either by road or sky to Sundance, they left disappointed. One friend said, “It was packed with a bunch of liars who were full of poo!” Another was disgusted by the long lines into VIP only nightclubs sponsored by such-and-such exclusive liquor company. The entire scene sounds non-indie and extremely commercial.

    However, I am always impressed by the films featured there and the top picks tend to me my favs also. I live in L.A. for a reason, why would I grin and bear 15 degree temps to see a film? I already posted curious titles to my netflix.com account. Ha!

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