Make 2010 the year you visit the breathtaking Irish countryside. Grab you bags and fly over the pond to a country full of history, elegance and endless travel opportunities. This summer, Ireland has activities and events that will let every traveler experience the true essence of Ireland. Book your trip now and go where Ireland takes you.

Take the Scots-Irish Tour: Enjoy an amazing 13-day Scots-Irish adventure starting at $1,699 per person, which will take you from sweeping seascape to verdant countryside to the teeming cities of Londonderry and Belfast.

Enjoy a Munster Game: Get ready for the fastest game on grass when the Munster GAA Senior Hurling Championships takes place. One of Ireland’s native Gaelic games, hurling, is a team sport full of the passion and pageantry of all Ireland. Get tickets now!

Enjoy Londonderry to your Art’s Content: Come see why Londonderry is a candidate for the UK City of Culture 2013. Walk the historic walls, pass the People’s Gallery featuring dramatic murals and enjoy the architectural splendor that surround you on the River Foyle.

Listen to the Beat of Belfast: Enjoy a symphony of Belfast music on the new Belfast Music iPhone App, available now. With one touch, you’ll be able to stay in tune with contemporary bands, explore neighborhood gigs, and catch up on musical legends born and bred in Belfast.

Cork Week (July 10-16): This is a regatta like no other as more than 500 boats hit the harbor for a week of racing and revelry.

Galway Arts Festival (July 12-25): Music, dance and theater converge triumphantly at the Galway Arts Festival, featuring Josh Ritter and the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

Belfast Taste & Music Fest (August 4-8) : The eat goes on as the Belfast Taste and Music Fest heats up the beautiful Botanic Gardens. On the menu, great dishes from top chefs set to live music.

Kilkenny Arts Festival (August 6-15): This eclectic festival has it all—world-class visual arts, theatre, dance, jazz, music, literature, film, architecture and more.

This amazing country is the perfect getaway for explorers of every age. For more information on vacations to Ireland, visit the Tourism Ireland web site.