A holistic approach to vacation and rejuvenation is what Shakti is all about. After all, their tag line is “inner journeys … outdoors.” They provide an authentic experience personally catered to each guest, that doesn’t compromise luxury, comfort or adventure. Escape the modern world and become immersed in the culture found in the villages dotted throughout the Himalayas.

“Shakti was conceived to share the rejuvenating effects of remote surroundings – to provide privileged access to places far removed from the noise and clutter of the modern world, where space, peace and epic landscapes provoke the imagination and nourish the soul,” reads their website.

There are four different locations featuring different “experiences.” You can trek the Himalayas with experienced guides and stay in luxury tents (a.k.a. “glamping”), take guided walks throughout remote villages and stay in traditional village housing, or travel between villages via river rafting the Indus and Zanskar rivers.

360 Leti is one of the standout destinations Shakti offers. There are four cottages that each feature panoramic views which more than makes up for the lack of internet access, cell phone access, or television. The cottages are solar powered and draw on mountain water. You can choose from hiking the surrounding mountains, reading from the well-stocked library, fishing or swiming in the river at the basin of the valley, or simply sitting and staring at the view. Dinner is served family-style by candle light.

Enjoy this renowned retreat from Oct. 1 to May 1. Minimum of three nights.

Photos: Shakti