Today is the day! My baby is born! I have spent the morning on various radio stations across America. I woke up at 5:00 am for my first interview in Syracuse, New York. From Syracuse to St. Paul, then over to San Francisco – today is a very busy day for me.

My aunt Esperanza, who wrote Me, Myself, and I5  talks about how God gives everyone their sunrise – we just have to get up to receive it. Well, this morning I was up and I accepted my bright and shining gift. Because I never get up a 5:00 am, I don’t ever see the sun rise. What a treat it was!

I have a few more interviews today and the rest of the week is going to be just as filled with fabulous radio interviews and television appearances.

Over the weekend I saw “The Pursuit of HappYness.” What a powerful story of determination and commitment. I’ve never had to live in a shelter, but I do remember spending my last bit of money when I was 24 years old to attend conferences, so I could meet the right people in advertising – I had no experience, but I really wanted to work for an ad agency.

I moved back to the US, from Australia, based on what conferences I could attend. My first stop was Star Power in LA for 4 days. The conference was at Loews Santa Monica Beach Resort. I could not afford to stay there, so I stayed at the Holiday Inn a few blocks away in a creepy building. Every morning I would walk to the conference early in my cheep high heels hoping to meet the “right” people.

I did meet the right people, and I had a marvelous career in advertising before I started Tango Diva. Now, I can stay at Loews if I want to, and every time I am in Santa Monica and pass that shady Holiday Inn, I smile.