christina santos calvin klein makeup review

christina santos calvin klein makeup review


Hello fellow Divas! Christina Santos here. It’s been a while, no? Some of you may remember as the former Style Editor of Tango Diva who brought you stories on everything from the hottest summer sandal trends to no fuss makeup glam on the go, to my blog, the Fashionista Files, or the girl who would always send a welcome message to you when you joined our social network of Traveling Divas, or perhaps the girl who walked the Camino de Santiago and lost eight toenails in the process or perhaps this is the first time you are meeting me. You see, after a year of working at Tango Diva HQ, I moved back to my beloved Madrid, Spain and while I continued to work with Tango Diva, it was more “behind the scenes” so to speak. That’s all about to stop—you’ll be hearing a lot more from me from henceforth.

It’s been about six years now since I’ve moved back to Madrid and I’ve been working a freelance writer/ghost writer, copy editor,  translator, Social Media and Community Manager consultant.

My address may be in Madrid, yet I’ve never forgotten my San Francisco Bay Area roots—hence the creation of my blog, Madrid by way of the Bay. As they say in Spain, echa un vistazo—take a look if you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to.

Also my endless curiosity and passion for people watching—in Spain, with its thousands upon thousands of cafes, bars and parks, it’s truly become an art and endless source of inspiration for me—and quest to find the true meaning of happiness led me to create another blog, a social experiment of sorts, called Strangers with Smiles in which I select random people from the street and ask them a few simple questions about happiness. My goal? I just want to show there are many facets to “happiness” and it’s not so elusive as many people think. Don’t live in Madrid yet you want to participate? Fantastic! You can be one of my Sunday Smiles :)


Welp, I figure what better way to introduce or rather, re-introduce myself to the Tango Diva masses than to share with you a blog post I recently wrote about my very large and eccentric family—they are a huge part of my life and the reason why I am the person I am today.

So without further ado, I present Las Seis Hermanas Santos.

Hasta pronto Divas!