AnnaAnna invited me to her boutique Les Lunes in San Francisco. At first I was a bit skeptical, since I have been lured into many “amazing’ and wonderful” products only to find that they were underwhelming and a waste of my time. Well, I was blown away with Les Lunes’ collection and how versatile her clothing line truly is. She’s French, so you know it’s sexy—but she’s also a business woman and mother of two—so it’s also very comfortable and practical. She’s got those “It” pieces that easily move from the office to cocktail hour. My favorite is my now “go-to” midnight blue jumpsuit that I can wear all day with flats, then slip into stilettos and head to dinner. “Voila!”

Les Lunes was inspired from Anna Lecat’s vision to empower women through design. Businesswoman, world traveler and mother of two, Anna was disappointed in her fashion choices. She desired the fashion sense of Paris, but required comfort and versatility to get through her busy day. Being a serial entrepreneur, Anna endeavored not only to fulfill this need in the fashion world, but also to create a culture where women can support one another.

While working in Shanghai she discovered bamboo and knew she had found the perfect raw resource for her fabrics. Environmentally speaking bamboo is a healing grass, ideal for soil that has been abused by clear cutting or overgrazing. Working with teams for over two years Anna hit her mark with a luxurious soft bamboo fabric that not only draped and wore well, but was ethically and environmentally sound.

Anna is our Diva Visionary this month and let’s learn more about her life and travels:

  1. What was the best decision you made in your life?
  • “Studying the Chinese culture and agreeing to marry my amazing husband.”
  1. What is your most memorable travel moments?
  • “When I was 18 years old I backpacked through China and Tibet alone. Being fluent in Mandarin enabled many wonderful adventures, and surviving those adventures contributed to my confidence.”
  1. What was the worst travel experience you had?
  • “I escaped being in a major earthquake in Western China by one day. I wasn’t able to contact my parents for weeks to let them know I was okay, I hated worrying them.”
  1. What have you learned about yourself through traveling?
  • “That being uncomfortable, mentally and physically, offers a great opportunity for personal growth, as well as, opening me up to connect more deeply with others. I find writing about the experiences helps me to absorb the feelings and learn from them in a very profound way.”
  1. If you could choose your ultimate travel companion, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be?

Solo is my ultimate preference. The best way to get in trouble :)

  1. What moment in your life did you feel the most alive?
  • “Every moment that I spend with my two boys, they are 4 and 1.5 years old and full of life. Also, tango dancing, working, and whenever I attempt something that terrifies me and I still find the courage to do it.”
  1. If money and time were no object, where on earth would you go?
  • “Argentina to dance tango. And then back to my life between San Francisco, Paris and Shanghai, I am very happy in these places.”
  1. Who is your hero?
  • “My older brother who was very brave fighting cancer and keeping all of us hoping, even when he knew there was no hope left.”
  1. Why did you start your clothing line?
  • “I was frustrated by my fashion choices. I travel a lot for business, and my only options were uncomfortable mannish wear or comfortable shapeless wear. I wanted a flattering wardrobe that would keep me feeling poised, confident and comfortable while dashing through airports, conducting board meetings, and on into nights of business dinners. I know a great deal about artisan luxury product production and supply chains in Asia and around the world. It was my dream to provide access to a stylish comfortable wardrobe that was ethically produced, and had the French flair that I admire.”
  1. And finally a word from our Featured Diva, you in your own words- give us a stirring, Diva-worthy battle cry for women everywhere to hear!
  • “A strong woman is one who is gracious and loving in support of her husband and her family while remaining true to herself and her dreams.”

You can find Les Lunes online, or if you are lucky enough to be near San Francisco, you can set up an appointment to visit her boutique in Union Square.  

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