Share the holiday love and celebrate hope and new beginnings by supporting sisters in need around the world. The time is now to lift up the mothers, grandmothers, daughters… and all women struggling to find a safe place in this world free from oppression, poverty and war.

These women are Divas Extraordinaire determined to survive against all odds.

Their dream of positive change is now within reach with a new program focused on empowerment through entrepreneurship, creativity and global commerce.

Internationally renowned skin care company, DERMALOGICA took the mission to heart by founding joinFITE in 2010. The joinFITE program is a platform for peace and the financial independence of women worldwide. To date, joinFite has touched the lives of over 25,000 women and continues to grow.

Design team, Raven & Lily, was pulled in on the project to design a unique and iconic symbol to represent the mission. Powerfully Poetic!

The end result…an inspiring piece  of jewelry or better said a “symbolic piece of humanity” that makes an incredible gift and a statement!


Each bracelet is handmade in Africa. The core materials are the bullets of battle.

The cost and “care to make a difference” contribution is only $10 (US).

Girlfriends, it is time for a little introspection. Think about it… $10.

The choice should be easy…. the super-sized fast food value meal… an amped-up café latte… or World Change.

More info and where to buy info, visit the DERMALOGICA joinFITE website.
Willing and Wanting To Do More?

You can step it up a notch… beyond buying a bracelet by becoming a benevolent business partner for only $25 more. You get to pick the business through the help of KIVA, a non-profit organization focused on harnessing the reach and power of the internet and microfinance funding as a means to alleviate poverty. KIVA lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Visit KIVA online to learn more and contribute to the cause. Several members of Tango Diva are lenders on KIVA!

Give gifts that keep on giving!