The lyrics from songstress Annie Lennox’s global hit ring true in the case of this amazingly delicious story.

Sweet Dreams are made of this… Who am I to disagree?
I traveled the world and the seven seas…Everybody’s looking for something.

The divine Gail Ambrosius found and followed her dream with just a few detours along the way.

As we all soon discover, life long passions will blossom much like flowers if planted and nurtured in an enriching foundation. In this case, Gail’s success has humble beginnings. It is a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin where the seed takes root. A fond memory of mom in the kitchen whipping up creamy chocolate pudding from scratch was the catalyst that set Gail on a remarkable journey.

Her love of cooking and adventure intersected on a street corner in Paris.
A school trip to France and a patisserie encounter extraordinaire changed her destiny forever.

Despite some challenging times, Gail never lost sight of her dream and her core values. She wanted to create chocolates crafted with love and the purest ingredients.

Today, her mission is an ongoing reality. She travels the world to seek and secure the finest cacao – fair trade product supporting the locals and farmed free of chemicals.

Most Chocolatiers blend their chocolates to achieve a certain flavor. Gail Ambrosius takes a different approach. She starts with the finest single-origin chocolate, bursting with the unique characteristics of each region, and infuses natural, fresh flavors that add depth, complexity and sumptuous layers to the taste experience.”

Today, “the proof is in the pudding”…really!

Each chocolate is a decadently delicious delight!

Gail challenges the palate and the imagination with flavorful unique combinations – bold blends of chocolate, fruits, nuts and spices.

But it is her mouth-watering classic gems – Lucille Vanilla Truffles, named in honor of her devoted mom and celebrating the rich creamy experience of mom’s notorious chocolate pudding that keep customers from all over the country coming back for more.

Discerning Divas know that chocolate is the X-factor for all things good.

Loaded with antioxidants and a natural mood enhancer what is there not to like or enjoy!

To Indulge is To Inspire! Words to live by.

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For those who wear our chocolate on our sleeve… an exclusive Gail T-shirt is a must – PEACE, LOVE, CHOCOLATE – need I say more.