Super Diva best describes Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. An artist, athlete, musician, professional graphic designer and devoted wife and mother, Elizabeth, like her art, is a spirited collage of creative energy. Her life mirrors her celebrated work. She beautifully incorporates the past into the present utilizing simplistic elements.

Meticulously torn bits of paper pulled from treasured mementos – old cards, letters, and even her children’s homework – are delicately put together to form colorful collage paintings.

Nature, dogs, birds and flowers are recurring subjects. Elizabeth likens her creations to music compositions. Rhythmically, she layers textured and patterned papers weaving in colors and creating dimension to achieve her final masterpiece.

Sentimental tidbits and memories magically redefined!

Her art radiates. The vibrant color palette and soft underlying messaging draw you in for a closer look. A sense of nostalgia permeates your thoughts. You are comforted and calmed by the imagery. Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson’s extraordinary talents touch the world every day teaching us to savor each moment.

Count yourself among the lucky to experience her creations first hand.

Learn more about her story through a video interview care of Bolder Media Group:

Her inspiring collection now includes note cards, tote bags and iphone cases. Check out the artist’s official blog to learn more.

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Grand Bohemian Gallery located in Kessler hotel properties around the country is the exclusive gallery partner showcasing a comprehensive selection of her work.

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Don’t miss the opening of  Elizabeth’s latest exhibition – Noah’s Ark Series – at the Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday, April 27. The solo exhibition runs through June 16.

Images courtesy of Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson.