Don’t let the giant eyes, tiny noses, and knee-socks fool you. This is real science. The Manga Guides from No Starch Press, use the conventions of Japanese comic books to explain challenging scientific topics clearly and cleverly. They proudly proclaim themselves “the finest in geek entertainment”. (That’s fun learning for the rest of us).

What the heck is the difference between current and voltage anyway? How do batteries work? What will you say when your 10-year-old niece asks how wind actually makes electricity? You’ll find the answers here in a mix of drawn panels and diagrams.

Why should you consider picking up one of the Manga Series guides? A few scenarios suggest themselves. For starters, they are certainly more informative, and probably better written, than your airline’s in-flight magazine. So instead of another puff piece about Tuscany, why not spend some time with something that will really awaken your curiosity. Win a spot on Jeopardy because you know Ohm’s Law.

Manga comics as gifts will make you a hit with the children in your life AND their parents. You will be officially forgiven for that electronic drum set you bought for your friend’s two-year-old. The established format generally includes an enthusiastic and wide-eyed heroine facing a physics test or other challenge. With the help of a nerdy non-boyfriend, she learns new material, then aces the challenge at the end of 200 pages.

Manga has guide books on statistics, databases, electricity, physics, calculus, molecular biology, relativity, the universe, biochemistry, and linear algebra.

No Starch Press covers diverse topics including art, photography, design, business, general computing, hardware and DIY, LEGO®, Linux, BSD, Unix, Mac, Manga, programming, science, math, and security system administration.

THe books are available in pdf or print.
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