If money were no object, then one of the destinations in our Top-Ten Diva list would be the Mall of the Emirates. It is a concentration of all things fabulous. From Roberto Cavalli to Harvey Nichols, Gucci to DeBeers — a girl is bound to find a few shiny things to make her happy. I noticed that here in Dubai, they have a tendency to do things larger-than-life, including their shopping. With over 400 shops under one roof, shopping is not the only thing that is overdrive here, so is the indoor ski resort. When the temperature is a blazing 120 degrees outside, you’re likely to find the Arabs cutting up the snow, than tromping through the sand.

It is so easy to loose both time and money in this shopping vortex. We started our spree at 11:00 am and we did not depart the hallowed halls of the mall until the sun had set. And as for our treasures? We took a leisurely stroll through Harvey Nichols where Tim found a gorgeous Alexander McQueen shirt and two incredible Robert Graham shirts on sale (it’s all relative). There, I found two beautiful Dianne Von Furstenberg silk tops. Next stop Gucci, where I picked up a darling pair of Audrey-esque black patent flats. Next stop Zegna, where Tim bought a pair of sexy denim and leather pants and a stunning pair of black suede shoes. We stopped off at another glittery boutique where I became the proud owner of a pair of suede stiletto boots.

Between our purchases, we enjoyed window shopping at La Perla and D&G. The food in the Mall was incredible as well. Nothing like the nonsense we get served in American malls. We dined at a Lebanese restaurant where we enjoyed fresh kiwi juice and chunky babaganoosh while watching kids hits the slopes.

As for the damage to the AMEX? If I need to tell you, then you can’t afford to shop at this mall. Lucky it was my 40th birthday because I don’t think we are going to do something this crazy for a while…..