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July 7th, 2006
Detox-Part 3

If I ever meet the person who told me that detoxing was fabulous, I am going to slap them. This sucks. Yesterday was worst than the first day. I woke up with a headache and I went to bed with one. I was dizzy for most of the day, and I feel a cold coming on.

Today was better, I got to eat oatmeal and honey (yummm) and I had chicken and rice for lunch. I have to admit that I have lost some weight! I started at 133 and I am at 128! I know it is up to me to keep the weight off and keep eating right.

So, I’ll stop bitching and keep up the good work. It is work and I would be lying if I told you it was easy. I think anything that is worth doing is hardwork. And that is what separates those who succeed and those who don’t. People who succeed do the crap others won’t do. And tht includes working weekends, volunteering, continuous learning, and detoxing.

6 thoughts on “Detox-Part 3

  1. Drink lots of water and remember that you are going for a deep clean that is emotional and spiritual, not just physical…. Your body just reflects what the rest of you has been doing (or not doing) for a LONG time!

    Good luck and happy growing!

  2. AMEN! Girl, I am drinking so much water that it’s laughable! I should be living in my loo!! If anyone has done a great detox program, please let me know.

  3. Hey Teresa, I just discovered Tango Diva today and am head over heals! I was born to travel and am in the process of planning my first solo trip. I got tired of waiting for the husband to get done with grad school!

    I totally did the detox thing 2 months ago, I was going for three weeks, but had to stop at 2. I was bitchy and moody because I love food and I love preparing it. It did change my eating habits though, I lost a few pounds, and aside from the bitchiness I felt great! So keep it up! It’s worth it, and thank goodness it’s only one week!

  4. WOW. And I thought Weight Watchers could be challenging at times!

    Being dizzy doesn’t sound like a good thing, though!

    Hang in there!

  5. No wonder you are tired……when you do a proper detox program you should be taking herbal supplements as well as supplements to keep your intestinal bacteria in balance. I just returned from “The Spa” in Ko Chang, Thailand(they also have 2 places in Ko Samui) for a 7 day detox that includes a safe and very productive program, including 2 colemas a day, 5 detox drnks with psyllium, juice, and bentonite clay for removing the mucoid plaque from your intestines, and supplements to keep your body in balance and not so exhausted from not eating. On this program you rarely feel hungry. In fact, you also have vegetable broth twice a day, carrot juice once a day, and coconut juice fresh from the coconut twice a day. Best of all, it is in a lovely setting with others who are also detoxing and can share their experiences and it is very inexpensive. It was my second detox and I have many friends who go yearly. It is astounding what things come out of your intestines that have been preventing them from working well. Also, on days 3-5 you usually do not feel as well because all the toxins are being released and expelled from yoru body. Taking a steam bath(NOT a sauna) helps sweat the toxins out. If you want more information, please see http://www.spasamui.com or e-mail me at nickijanczak@hotmail.com I am not an owner in this company or have stock….I am just a very satisfied customer who has reaped amazing benefits from this program. Good luck to you and please take care with your program.

  6. OH MY! that place sounds like heaven!! Thank you so much for the information!! I think I want to go NOW. Teresa

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