This is the third and final day of the juice fast. I am surprised that I have not been starving for the past 2 days. Actually, I feel quite light in many ways and I am enjoying the feeling of “lightness.”

We were warned that or bodies could make many changes, and some being changes that we don’t necessarily care for — like better hearing and a stronger sense of smell. So, when my new friend BiBi and I walked to Rite Aid, which was a few blocks away, I felt like I was getting attacked by all my senses. The noise of the cars and traffic was overwhelming and when we were in the store, I felt like I was at cheap casino in Las Vegas with all the screaming sounds and blinking lights. And to think, this is what we get inundated with on a daily basis and don’t even know! No wonder we feel like we are going crazy — it is because we are!

My sense of smell was out of control and the street smelled like burning petrol and the air was thick with fried fats. Yuck! What was I hearing and smelling before I came hear?!?

I bought some melatonin, even though they recommended that we don’t take over the counter drugs. I had not slept for a few nights and I was exhausted. BiBi picked up some Emergen-C and we went back to our haven on the hill.

This was the first time I was getting hungry, so by the time that dinner was served I was ready to chow down on some raw veggies and flaxseed crackers. Dinner was delicious and I was temped to get seconds… But I have already lost 7 pounds I decided to stick with the program.

That night was the best night I had (thank you melatonin). I can’t believe that my week is coming to an end. I feel so alive and well that I want to keep the goodness going (plus I know that I have plenty more toxins in my body to shed and I can’t do it on my own!)
So, I write in my journal and give thanks for all I have leaned. I will never be the same after this week. Thank God.