Today I’m not doing too much. I slept in again and enjoyed a leisurely hour-long breakfast of eggs and tortillas as the hikers came in from their morning on the mountain. Tim signed up for a three-day hike, so I really haven’t seen him much on this trip. We meet for dinner at 6:30 pm every night, after my daily treatment, then we’ll enjoy the night’s activities and end our busy day with a cup of hot peppermint tea in front of our cozy fireplace.

At 9:00 am I took the NIA class. It’s really hard to explain, but is stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action. Basically, we all dance around the room, making sounds, and doing karate moves, it’s really fun! At 10:00 am, I got down in the African dance class, they even had a live drummer! (Yeah, I know, versus a dead one) That class was just as exciting as NIA. Great rhythm, fantastic moves, inspiring music, and energetic women dancing to tribal beats. WOW! I spent some time writing, enjoyed another delicious meal for lunch, and then relaxed. My muscles are a bit sore today.

A group of us chilled under the gazebo drinking the requisite 2:45 pm soy smoothie and miso soup (yum!). The sun was warm on our faces and we just sat and enjoyed the heat while laughing about the day’s events. I’ve renamed the Feldenkrais class Fart-enkrais class because in every class someone ends up passing gas in a big way. We try not to laugh like fifth graders, but it’s hard.

For something a bit different, I test drove a Thai massage. Girl, if you’ve never day one of those, get yourself one! In the massage, the therapist stretched you like you were in a yoga class and uses his body as the pulley to stretch your body out. Oh, did I mention that you are completely dressed while all this is happening. For you hard-core Divas, this is the perfect massage to stretch out your tight bods of steal. I was loose as a goose by the time it was over.

After dinner, which was a yummy veggie soup, followed by a fabulous salad with organic everything, the main course was scallops and shrimp on a bed of mashed potatoes, and finished with a tartlet of creamy berry mouse. (I’ve been told that dinner is a mere 700 calories – it’s all about portion control) we all played Bingo. If I didn’t work out my abdominal muscles enough on this trip, I made up for it with all the belly-aching laughing I was doing. Barry, the Ranch’s fitness guy and Bingo master kept me bent over in laughter with his dry wit. I’m sad to say that we did not win any of the great prizes (chocolate, bread, folk art, and other sundries).

Tomorrow we’re going on the morning mountain hike to their organic farm. We’ll be eating breakfast there and learning about how they can sustain 150 guests per week with their garden. Very exciting! I’m feeling alive again!