The walk to the organic veggie farm was awesome! Actually, the walk was easy, but the organic farm was amazing. Sergio has been the head farmer for the past 19 years. This guy is full of passion about all the amazing veggies he can grow and loves to talk about them with a big smile that reached from ear to ear. While walking around the garden, he’d break off a cauliflower plant or broccoli stock for us to try. I never tasted such fresh vegetables in my life; they were actually sweet. The best part of the walk was the breakfast at the farm. It included a big, yummy frittata, and chocolate bread, along with fried cactus, potatoes, and warm granola.

The day rolled away quickly between the stretch and dance classes, and a killer cardio circuit class. I got the rare opportunity to meet with Deborah, the founder of Rancho La Puerta and the famed Golden Door. What an whip she is! I am so impressed that at 83 years old she can still run this 3,000 acre peace of heaven. You’ll read all about my interview with her in the Diva Visionary section in January. I admire her philosophy and drive and I’m amazined by what she has been able to accomplish.



After my Energy Balance massage and delightful dinner, we all headed down to listen to Deborah give her “official” weekly talk. I’ll share all her insights with you later, they deserve their own page on Tango Diva. We ended our night with a wam cup of tea and a hot shower. Another perfect day!