Seems a though I caught a Scandinavian sniffle in the past week. It is bound to happen – too many time zones, lots of flights, cold weather, and strange beds. So today was an easy day. I did not wake up at the crack of dawn and rush out to meet the day.

I got up and strolled through Copenhagen, took a leisurely boat tour, and explored the shopping areas. That is where I met a bunch of crazy guys who are creating a 1000 Kisses from Copenhagen canvas. It is great! They are looking for 1000 different women who are willing to kiss a canvas for charity. It is really cool and I would love to do something like this in San Francisco, but I don’t think I can pull it off. Us Americans are very afraid of germs.

Watch the video of the guys doing this fun project!

The sun set, and I enjoyed a relaxing, yet chilly dinner at Skipper Kroen (Nyhan 27 1051 Kobenhavn K). It was okay, more about the location than the food. After dinner I walked home and now it’s 10:00 pm and I am getting ready to take a hot bath.

Tomorrow I plan on exploring Chistianashavn, the hippy enclave from the 70’s. Then I am meeting a Tango Diva member for lunch! I am really excited to finally meet someone who I have been e-mail with for the past year! I fly to Berlin at 5:00 pm Saturday night. I love Berlin – it is one of my favorite destinations in the world!!