Siri, the amazing hotel manager at The Grand Hotel has set me up with a day of pampering. This day is much needed after all the flights and time changes I have gone through. First stop is Beauty Lounge. With Linda Johansen. She does do private sessions on the Ladie’s floor at the Grand Hotel, but today I am going to her salon and getting the Super Star treatment. 

Linda is gorgeous – both inside and out. I walk into the Beauty Salon and she greets me with a big, warm smile and we start chatting immediately – like old friends who have not seen each other in years.

Check out my video interview with Linda and her philosophy about life. I am about to get a facial that is done by two therapists. One will be working on my face, while the other will be beautifying my feet – which need all the attention they can get, since I have not had a pedicure since I went to the Dominican Republic!

Two hours later, I float out of the salon, with glowing skin and happy feet. The fabulous therapist who worked on my face said that her goal is that everyone leaves the Beauty Lounge glowing. Well, mission accomplished!

My next stop was Dragonfly, a walk-in day Asian day spa. I could not find a cab, so Linda’s boyfriend kindly drove me to my next appointment. (I love Norwegians!) Walking into Dragonfly is like walking into an Asian spa in the heart of China. Granite steps guide you across still water lit by floating candles. Soft music plays, and everyone is dressed in comfy robes.






The story behind Dragonfly is great. The two partners love getting massages, and when they were in China, they would go to Dragonfly to get massages. They loved Dragonfly so much that they brought the franchise to Norway!




My first treatment is a full body massage. I doze in and out and before I know it, it is over. I then am moved to the cozy seats around the water, two therapists come to my rescue. One rubs my shoulders and head and the other massages my feet. If I die right now, it is okay – I am already in heaven. If you come to Oslo, for work or play, you need to stop by before you do anything else! They have a whole menu of massages, including a jetlag massage! And you can just walk in! No appointment needed.





My body feels great, and it is an easy walk back to my hotel where I check into the Millennial Suite. AKA the rock star suite!! The suite is a private penthouse apartment that is home for all the famous people who come to Oslo. I am sleeping in the same bed as Sting and Oprah! It has its own sauna, Jacuzzi bathtub, two bathrooms, a dining table for 10, fireplace, bar, walk in closet, balcony, living room, and Bose stereo system.



The room goes for over $3,000 US a night and is well worth it if you were on tour and wanted a safe, quiet mansion away from your mansion. What a treat! Watch my video of the room. Oh, I got so excited when I saw the room; I confused a few of my facts. This in not the room where the Nobel Peace Prize winners stay, that is a different room. My bad!

The night was jammed packed with more fun! Siri invited me to a private launch party for an up and coming Norwegian singer, Kristin Asbjørnsen. We went to BLÅ, a cool club in the trendy art area of Oslo, where Kristin sang old American slave songs. Her band included Jostein Ansnes (guitars, lap steel, vocals), Jarle Bernhoft (basses, guitars, vocals) and Knut Aalefjær (perc). Her voice is angelic, and I found myself swaying to her songs, while I was filled with gratefulness for such an extraordinary life. It really was a magical experience. After the concert, a few of us went out to another bar, on the way I went to 7-11 and got a hotdog. I know, I was starving. Back in the hotel, I took a sauna, hot tub bath and fell asleep and dreamt that I was a rock star.

Take a tour of my sweet suite!