Nina Cockoo Stockholm Tango DIvaI was tired of seeing video with my bad hair, I can’t look at my big forehead again! So I took action and booked a “day of beauty – Stockholm style.” First, I went to VITA and got my hair cut. At last, my big forehead is hidden under my hair. Next I went and bought a pair of rubber-soled boot from a shop near by and then I headed to Filippa K to buy a pair of killer jeans that I was eying for the past two days.

After all that shopping and styling, I needed a massage. Hotel Diplomat arranged my massage at the best day spa in Stockholm – Strand Vagen Femton. It happens to be a half block down from my hotel on Strandvagen (Avenue). As a connoisseur of massages, I am pretty picky, and honestly, I have never been a fan of Swedish massages. So, I did not have high expectations of my treatment. The person who imported Swedish massages to the US obviously never got a massage by Susanne Blohme. She is amazing! And my Swedish massage was one of the best massages I have had in my life (and I’ve had plenty!). She would find a tight spot and work on it until it would relax, before I knew it, my 55 minutes were over and I floated back to my hotel room.

For dinner, I wanted to eat at a favorite spot for locals. I can easily find the hot spots for tourist, but it’s the local gems that make my travels so fabulous. Liza knew the place for dinner. The restaurant is owned by Nina Von Krusenstierna, a true Stockholm Diva. She founded Café Opera and has been a player of the Stockholm social scene for the past 20 years. If you want to know someone with connections, Nina is your go-to Diva! She shares a story about a little girl who was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, the little girl answered, “I want to be Nina! She walks into her restaurant, tells people what to do, has a glass of champagne, and then leaves!”

Her restaurant Cuckoo is located around a mile from my hotel on Artllerigatan 56 (08-62- 35 62). You can get there via taxi pretty easily. It is in the heart of a gorgeous residential neighborhood. All the guests are beautiful and the food is wonderful. Of course, everything is in Swedish, so you might want to check out what others are eating before you order. I had yummy fish soup and a cheese platter. I was back in my hotel room by 1:00 am.