When I planned European adventure, I set my intention to experience serendipitous magic. You know, meeting the right people at the right time, getting invited to special events, and being introduced to fabulous locals. So far, that is what this trip has been about, every corner I turn, I meet someone spectacular!

So, over champagne a few nights ago, Liza and I were invited to take a day trip in the King’s navy torpedo boat. Let me see – a boat filled with Swedish sailor and friends of the King, lunch on a private island in the Swedish archipelago, and a drive through the Swedish countryside? Oh yeah! I am going!!

For one day of the year, all the different Royal Clubs of Sweden are invited to attend various events throughout the country. The torpedo boat ride was for guests of the King who were members of the Air force, Navy, or a diplomat. Yup! A boat filled with Consulate Generals and Ambassadors! (I love my life!).

I’ll shut up and let you watch the videos of my amazing day! That is the best thing about traveling solo, others want to take care of you and show you a great time. One more person is a lot easier to handle than a whole group of travelers.

Here is a video of the boat in action.

Here is a video of the private island we arrived on and where we enjoyed our impressive lunch.