My plans got a bit mixed up between Berlin and Torino. I was going to stay with Anna, our Torino Diva, but she got stuck in Milan. Because I did not read her e-mail until the night I was leaving Berlin, I was kinda stuck in a bad situation. I did not research hotels because I just assumed that I was staying with her. So, the drama started – but not for long. I ended up going onto – which was started by one of my dear friends Daniel – and found e-mailed a woman that I had been e-mailing for the past few weeks regarding information about Torino. I e-mailed her and asked if I could stay with her for 2 nights, and she said, “Of course!” What a lifesaver!

So, I left Berlin on Monday morning at 9:00 am and got to Torino at 7:00 pm. I flew into Milan with easyJet, then took a 2-hour bus ride to the home of the 2006 winter Olympic.

That night, Rosella showed me around Torino and we went out for a delicious dinner. The weather was so nice, we sat outside and enjoyed our rose and gnocchi.  

Her flat is charming and we a great time talking about books and sharing traveling stories. She is very well traveled and it was such a delight to be in a private home in Torino, speaking English with a wonderful Italia girl. I fell fast asleep at midnight after a yummy dinner and 9 hours of travel.