For you thrill seekers, there is a new draw to Palau, Micronesia, which has been called the 8th wonder of the world.

The recently opened Eco-theme park features the only zip-line in Palau. The three-course zip-line soars over the Taki Waterfall Park in the state of Mgardmau and through the treetops.

“Zipline is getting popular around the world, and it will become another major attraction of Palau,” said Chris Kay, President of Palau Leisure Group Inc., a Korean company that built the $2.2 million adventure facility that also includes an eco-theme park and a monorail.

Local legends will also be integrated into the theme park to further integrate guests into local culture.

Palau is an archipelago of more than 586 islands and is a haven for divers, boaters, and adventurers.