Diva Destination Questionnaire for Alexandra-Fee Beyer:

Where is your favorite place to dine?

GOA on Andrassy Street—I love the atmosphere ’cause it’s cozy and has a nice design at the same time. My favorite dish is the Tom Kha Gai Chicken Soup.


Pata Negra—a Spanish Tapas Bar on Kalvin Tér, nice atmosphere and good Tapas.


Where should we go to meet others?

Go to Liszt Ferenc Tér, Raday Street or Erzsébet Tér. Especially in summer these places are packed with a quite mixed crowd of expats, locals and tourists.

What is your favorite boutique for clothes? Why?

Retrock Deluxe—beautifully designed store with upcoming Hungarian designers.


Where should we stay when we visit?

If it’s within your budget, in Budapest the Four Seasons (Gresham Palace) is a must. Amazing contemporary and extraordinary style.

The recently reopened New York Palace, is a totally unique hotel. Used to be “the place” in Budapest at the beginning of the 20th century. They completely restored the whole place. Simply amazing glamourous spot in town!


Where should we avoid?

8th district, a lot of gypsies. And the Restaurant Cyrano—beautiful designed restaurant, but very very bad food and totally overpriced—they count on making business with tourists.

What is the best time of year to come?

The summer, which usually starts here from the end May and lasts till September. The climate becomes downright Mediterranean. The winter is quite dark in Budapest—not recommended for a visit.

What is Budapest famous for?

* Café Gerbeaud on Vörösmarty Tér

* Its beautiful girls

* A VERY active night life—thousands of open air/beach places in summer—more or less open 24/7, a wide range of restaurants and bars as well

* The beautiful view of the Danube surrounded by all it’s historic sights, especially by night,

* They call Budapest the “Paris of the East”

* Its traditional baths and spas

What are some of your favorite things to do there?

*Sports and spending time on the Margit Island

*Going to the movies—Hungary is a movie country, the city has a lot of movie theatres with a wide range of current movies and classics.

*Food shopping in the historical market hall, on Saturday till 02:00 pm.

*Meeting friends in one of the great outdoor places in summer

Anything else we should see?

If it’s your first time in Budapest you should definitely take time for sightseeing to see the fisherman’s bastion in the Castle district, the famous Gellert bath, Basilica of St. Stephen, Heroes Square, the Opera House and the neat Ruszwurm Café in the castle district is a must for all women!

Where else should we go when in Budapest?

Please see above.

* * * *

Tell Us About Yourself, Local Diva!

I was born in western Germany, went to school at a
boarding school and studied at the beautiful Lake Constance. During my
studies I went to Thailand on my own and spent almost two months there,
enjoying this independency, the beautiful country with its cheerful
people and the easy way to travel on location.

When I came back, I
finished my studies and got a job in Germany close to the French border. So I lived in Strassburg, France and worked in Germany for an
international magazine publisher. I was dealing with their operations
in Central and Eastern Europe. I was traveling to Poland, Czech
Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary on a regular basis for

When I first came to Budapest I immediately fell in love
with the city; half a year later I had a job contract for a company in
Budapest and left to Hungary with my beloved boyfriend Daniel. Now we
are enjoying this dynamic city for a while before we head for another
adventure somewhere in the world.