Puerto Rico offers the perfect Caribbean destination from the U.S. for many reasons. First is the ease of travel; even after new passport requirements for Canada and Mexico, as a U.S. Territory you are not required to have a passport to enter. Not only is this great for non-passport holders, it also makes travel easier for the rest of us, as you don’t have to go through customs or immigration either way.

Puerto Rico is also the best of both worlds for U.S. travelers, in the sense that it has a healthy combination of U.S. amenities, stores and services, along with its own distinct culture and tropical exotic flavor. Everyone can be happy here, whether they are looking for recognizable shopping and restaurant names or the most local, unique experiences. Spanish and English are both official languages (with English spoken by every single person I encountered), and the U.S. dollar is the local currency.

Often called the “Island of Enchantment,” Puerto Rico has been mainly influenced by the Spanish, but also by Indians, Africans and Anglos. This has created a vibrant, multicultural society along with a wealth of historic forts, palaces, cemeteries and other buildings. The magnificent walled city of Old San Juan is the place to explore this history, where you can walk on the 16th century ramparts and visit colonial fortresses that are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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