Chicago has always been a very special place for me. I love the people, a few in particular, and the restaurants and night life are fabulous. But I must admit that Chicago is also a bit intimidating to me, after all it is the home of the the Chicago Cubs, Queen Oprah Winfrey and most importantly – the Chicago Tribune. For me, the Chicago Tribune is like Mecca, my goal is to one day “make it” there. And on Sunday, I did! At Last.

Hopefully Oprah was reading the article about solo travel while enjoying her breakfast of oatmeal and blueberry. I’m waiting for her call any day now. :)

The fabulous travel writer Maureen Jenkins AKA Urban Travel Girl called me because she loves my book and wanted to know what I thought about solo travel and what I was up to next. We had a great time chatting and I shared with her my next book that I am editing right now. It is called Body, Mind, and Solo. You can read all about it in the Chicago Tribune. (oh I just love saying that!).