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I may have to revoke my Girl Card when I say this, but…. I’ve never seen Sex & The City before.

But even I couldn’t help but audibly gasp when I came across this picture. I may not be a SATC worshipper, but I am a card-carrying member of I Worship At the Altar of Haute Couture Fashion. And Vivienne Westwood, the woman who brought us punk, is one of my all-time favorite designers.

Now this piece of fashion history – the wedding gown worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City: The Movie – is available for purchase at Hayden Olivia Bridal in Charlotte, N.C.

Hayden Olivia Bridal was chosen to be one of three U.S. boutiques to offer the famous Vivienne Westwood “Carrie” dress for sale. Brides interested in wearing the iconic gown for their very own wedding day can schedule a fitting at Hayden Olivia Bridal by calling 704-333-0377. The couture wedding gown can be purchased for $15,000, which includes optional fittings with Vivienne Westwood designers in London.

For more information, go to www.HaydenOlivia.com.

3 thoughts on “Own a piece of fashion history: SATC Vivienne Westwood wedding gown available for purchase

  1. Though the dress is amazing – the fact that you have not seen an episode of SATC is mind blowing! I cannot fathom how you missed it ???? Much less the movie! You need some netflix time!

  2. BUT being as this is America and we are consumed by pop culture and celebrities… I know pretty much everything about the plot, the characters, etc! ha ha!

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